Organizer App Review for MacOS Users

Organizer App Review is a list of the best organizer app software in no particular order. We also look for creative, well-intentioned developer(s) from around the world. It’s apparent that most of these apps were created because a talented developer tried to solve a problem, and the marketing came later if at all.

Qualitative & Quantitative App Review Question:

  • How annoying was the problem that this plugin solves?
  • How seamless intuitive is the UX?
  • Does it replace any existing software on our list?
  • What does this piece of software cost? Are the covering cost?
  • If there is a free trial: did they trap me in a subscription or do they earn the purchase?
  • Extra points if you replace a Mac app.
  • Does it feel like the permissions requested are necessary? Is it secure?

Organizer App Review: Best MacOS Organizer Apps

The following is our constantly evolving list of organizer apps. We added links for your convenience, and to give credit to the developers that created these apps that organize our lives. However, we are not paid in any way to endorse these apps. There were enough sites taking bribes already.
Organizer AppApp CategoryReviewDeveloperHonorable MentionOperating System
OpenInBest Software Preference ToolYou ever download an app and it instantly solves an annoyance you've had for years? This simple tool is a breath of fresh air. Simple and powerful. When you click a link or file, it asks you which software you want to use to open it. Easy-to-use and customizable rules make this one of our favorites. Denis GladkikhPath FinderMacOS
UlyssesBest Blog Organizer AppIf you manage multiple blogs, dabble in SEO, or enjoy writing in markdown language, then Ulysses is the software for you. We love it because it allows you to write and optimize on your desktop in markdown language, and then post directly to any WordPress blog. You can also create shared folders via Dropbox.UlyssesStackEditMacOS
SnippetsLabBest Documentation AppSnippetsLab helps you document and manage all of the snippets of code that you find yourself rewriting. Simply highlight and save with Apple actions menu or use the convenient top menu dropdown.Renfei SongGhostNoteMacOS
FilePaneBest File Management UtilityFilePane beat out Yoink because of its quick image editor. However, there is a time and a place for both of these great tools.MyMixAppsYoinkMacOS
MultDriveBest Cloud Storage OrganizerBetween Google Drive, Dropbox, & iCloud, it's easy to get lazy or forget to upload a file so your team has access.MultDrivepCloudWeb App
UniteBest Software Creator ToolTurn any website into an app with a few clicks. This concept sounded strange, but fast forward and I'm using Google Analytics Desktop or Robinhood desktop apps regularly. Give it a try.BZGWeb2DeskMacOS
KeySmithBest Automation PluginTurn repetitive actions into efficiencies. Using macros which are essentially recorded actions, you can create simple or complex automations that allow you to increase productivity with the press of a hotkey. This tool is as good as you make it, and will not do anything immediately upon install. Daniel & DanielMini Mouse MacroMacOS
WorkspacesDesktop Organizer AppAwesome Menu Bar Tool that will save the workspace you need for the work you are doing. No more opening all of your tabs and software with a tabs from the day cluttering up your workspace. Must-have organizer app in our opinion. ApptoriumOneTab PlusMacOS
StartBest Software Launcher AppAfter trying many different options, Start wins the Hotkey & Software Organizer. innovative-bytesTricksterMacOS
CleanMyMacBest Mac Maintenance UtilityIn the 8 months since installing, this top menu bar warrior has seen many apps come and go. In fact, this is the plugin that I use to get rid of them. With a long list of features, some of the most useful include "Free Up RAM" button, regular scans & file deletion, launch agent monitoring, & software deletion. All of that on top of a clean UI makes for a great piece of software.. AppTamerNo ContestMacOS
One Tab Plus  ⚠️Best Tab Organizer⚠️Caution: This Chromium Web Store developer information is questionable at best. The fact I am betting the integrity of the list on it says how smooth this extension is. Collapse or reopen tabs individually or as a group for optimized performance with a Clean UI. Malfinio Technology Co.,ltd.OneTabChromium Browser Extension
NooBossBest Extension Organizer If you computer is running slow, the most likely culprit is your browser. NooBoss is a Chromium extension so it also runs with Brave. It gives you unique control over other browser extensions, and a social tagging feature for recommendations and warnings. After you configure NooBoss, your computer will perform better. Mr. Noob's portfolio website is also a major flex. A.I.noobExtension ManagerChromium Browser Extension

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