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Unlike most of the articles and “review” sites like Capterra, Organizer App Review receives no compensation for our app recommendations.

Organizer App Review is anti-affiliate links. As software enthusiasts, affiliate links and paid influencers have made it difficult to find an honest review. It’s difficult to even take a negative review seriously.

Organizer App Review Process

We download a lot of software. Some might even say we download an irresponsible amount of software. But thanks to an app like CleanMyMac and an app called Start we are able to purge every couple months. We place our personal data security at risk on SourceForge and Github in hopes that we can find the next best app. Organizer App Review is where we post our findings.

The authors of the site have Macbook Pro laptops so if you own a PC, support a developer by submitting their app to our new organizer app recommendation form here. We will be

When reviewing organizer apps as we do every month, we ask the following questions:

  • How annoying was the problem that this plugin solves?
  • How seamless intuitive is the UX?
  • Does it replace any existing software on our list?
  • What does this piece of software cost? Are the covering cost?
  • If there is a free trial: did they trap me in a subscription or do they earn the purchase?
  • Extra points if you replace a Mac app.
  • Does it feel like the permissions requested are necessary? Is it secure?

In parallel with the application lifecycle , we update this list every couple months. We love software tips, and we’ll even let it slide if your email address matches the recommendation. It’ll still be subject to the same test.

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Organizer App Reviews

App ReviewDetails
MacOS Organizer App ReviewThe original Organizer App Review is an unordered table of productivity-boosting, mind-calming organizer apps. Focusing primarily on MacOS, but includes browser extensions that improve your quality of life with a click.App List Updated
Blockchain Organizer App ReviewEverything from crypto wallets to NFT marketplaces require meticulous organization or else you could lose you can be locked out.  We're burning through gas fees to test out which blockchain dApps and tools help you stay organized.Launching Soon
iOS Organizer AppsThere are tons of apps that'll optimize one of the most important tools you own, your iPhone. Currently sorting through the app store for hidden gems.Researching
PC Organizer App Review Coming Soon.Accepting Submissions

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